Saturday, August 17, 2013

Levi’s 4TH Birthday Card


My Grandson Levi will be 4 years old on Monday.  There are so many things he loves like Batman, Spiderman, Camo, 4 Wheelers, Ice Cream, and the list goes on.  Since Spiderman and Batman are copyrighted I knew I couldn’t use them on my card.  So I found a cute 4 Wheeler in the Silhouette Store.  Oh yea I thought hard about buying it because I knew it would have a lot of pieces.  And if you know me I can be a lazy crafter sometimes. 

After much thought I knew Levi would love the 4 Wheeler so I bought it.  Oh what a challenge it was for me because now I had to think what is his favorite color.  Looking in my stash of paper I said RED!  I wanted the card to be colorful because children are drawn to bright colors.  Although the card looks a little plain because you just can’t put pretty ribbon and flowers on a boy’s card. 

So I just took my Black Diamond Stickles and just went crazy with it.  Do you know this card kept me up half the night because I just wanted to get it done so the stickles would dry because I used a ton of it.  Let me know what you think?



(Inside sentiment says “HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY” in bold letters and bright colors)

Side Bar:  Levi is getting a refurbished 4 wheeler for his Birthday and Hunter is getting one too.  I just wish you can see them driving around on Pop Pop’s land rover.  So there will be two very happy little boys.  I am going to try using my video camera to take some home movies.  I ‘m still not real good at it but maybe I will have beginners luck.  Thank you for stopping by,



  1. such a cute card Fran. I am sure Levi will love it!

  2. Fran, this card is perfect for Levi!!!! You did a fantastic job!!!! It is not plain, in fact, it is just super cute!
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Wonderful card for Levi - just what every small boy would want!

  4. Wonderful BOY card and perfect for Levi!! Great job!


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