Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sewing Again!


My sewing machine was sitting on the shelf collecting dust and looking so lonely.  I thought it over and took it off the shelf and dusted it off.  Its a real old machine but I thought why not give sewing a try again.  Now what should I make?  I wanted something real easy because I haven’t sewn for years.  I looked in my collection of patterns and found a pattern for Boxer Shorts for little boys and girls. I have two small grandsons and I said what a neat thing to make for them.  Oh my goodness I felt like a beginner sewer again but by the time I made the second pair I was sewing making less mistakes.  Photos below are the boxers for my Grandsons and they love them.  I plan to make them another pair real soon.




I guess you can see they love anything John Deere.  I found another John Deere fabric and will be making 2 pair out of the fabric.


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